Model X Complete Aero Kit
Unplugged Performance Front Fascia for Model X
Unplugged Performance Side Skirt Set for Model X
Unplugged Performance Rear Bumper for Model X
The Unplugged Rear Decklid Spoiler for Tesla Model X seamlessly integrates with the rear hatch, lights and quarter panels to provide a subtle lengthening of the body, thus smoothing airflow and providing a more dynamic rear profile.

The Rear Decklid Spoiler leverages a ‘Kamm effect’ design, which is considered incredibly efficient at reducing the low-pressure area of a trailing wake at the rear of the vehicle. The Kamm-tail design continues, and elongates, the aerodynamic the teardrop shape of
For those looking to improve handling, increase range, and add style, lowering the car’s center of gravity is the way to go. We offer our plug-and-play Sports Dynamic Air Suspension Upgrade Kit for those looking to quickly and easily lower the overall height of their Tesla Model X. We’ve engineered this from the ground up as a uniquely tailored solution for the Model X, with multiple years of driving experience on streets and race tracks. * Unlike other products on the market, this product does
Ascension Front Fascia System
The Ascension Front Fascia System is a complete bolt-on replacement solution designed to replace the Tesla Model 3’s front fascia with our performance inspired redesign. Included in the box is a front bumper cover with under panel continuity, and all related hardware to facilitate easy installation. There are no additional parts needed to purchase for a complete and seamless factory-style bolt on installation.
The Unplugged Performance Model 3 Front Lip Spoiler is an easy to install upgrade to enhance the visual impact of your Model 3. The front lip attaches using factory attachment points with no cutting or drilling required.
More comfortable than stock when set to soft. Meanwhile, on track performance is so dialed in that it managed to impress our development driver Randy Pobst when turned up to firm (see video below). A wide spectrum of adjustment for both height and damping is engineered to satisfy street and track uses. Created by a dream team of top suspension engineers from motorsports to Unplugged Performance specs.
An unparalleled dedication to research and advanced engineering has created the ultimate in Model 3 spring technology. Every version of every spring we produce is specifically engineered for two distinct linear spring rates. This allows enhanced comfort (spring rate #1) paired with increased handling (spring rate #2).

One size does not fit all, we've engineered specific spring rates to more perfectly enhance the handling of each Model 3 variant. Enjoy the immediate benefits of improved comfort
Developed in conjunction with development driving by Randy Pobst, the Unplugged Performance adjustable sway bar system is an easily felt upgrade to the Model 3’s handling. Body roll will be reduced immediately after installation and you’ll also feel improved chassis balance & tracking. Three easy adjustments front and rear allow fine tuning to your driving style. Improved high performance polyurethane bushings included.
We designed our High-Efficiency Trunk Spoiler to help improve the aero efficiency of Tesla Model 3. Using the latest in aero simulation and CAD technology, we engineered a spoiler that looks great, is simple to install (no drilling), doesn't impede the rearward visibility of a driver, and most-importantly, reduces overall drag!

During the R&D process, we found that we were able to reduce total vehicle drag by 6.3%, representing an improvement of 273% over the OEM spoiler available on the Per
With the addition of a gurney flap, the "High-Efficiency" is transformed into "High Downforce" version; a trunk spoiler optimized for racing use. The High Downforce version includes the efficiency wing and the attachable gurney flap (which can be installed at the race track and removed for the drive home as desired using VHB double sided tape). Using the latest in aero simulation and CAD technology, we engineered a spoiler that looks great, is simple to install (no drilling), doesn't impede the
Ascension Rear Bumper and Diffuser System for Tesla Model 3


Available in autoclave produced prepreg carbon fiber or autoclave produced prepreg PFRP flexible fiberglass
Extremely lightweight and strong
Produced with the same materials, equipment and same factory as million dollar race car body panels
Further technical details coming soon
The Unplugged Performance Ascension Side Skirt Set is an easy to install upgrade to enhance the visual impact of your Model 3. Despite making the car look low and sporty, the car's ground clearance is not reduced after installation. The side skirts attach using incredibly strong double-sided tape in combination with the factory attachment points with no cutting or drilling required. Patent pending.
The Unplugged Performance Plug-n-Play High-Performance Shocks For Air Suspension has been developed as a racetrack-derived, street compliant suspension upgrade for all Tesla Model S variants with Air Suspension. The higher spec Tesla Model S variants (P85D, P90D, P100D, etc.) come equipped standard with Tesla’s advanced air suspension. While the factory suspension has many great features such as height adjustment and GPS memory, it has limitations for handling that are typical of factory equippe
Refresh Front Fascia
The Refresh Fascia provides previous generation Model S owners an opportunity to experience that new car feeling once again. The new look follows Tesla’s new nosecone-free aerodynamic design and features an integrated front spoiler.
for MODEL S (2012-2016.5)
Refresh Rear Set
The Refresh Rear Set is a full replacement rear bumper cover and under diffuser panel for older Model S vehicles, which provides the great aero and smooth styling of the newer cars, but specifically tailored for earlier vehicles.
for MODEL S (2012-2016.5)
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